(Frequently Asked Questions)

How will I download the eBooks?
Once you made the payment, you will beredirected to the downloadpage, where you will be able to download all the files instantly.

What are included in Phil´s 1200+ eBooks pack?
Please review the features page to view what are included in the eBooks pack, you can also download 3 sample products in the features page.

What are included in each of the eBook Product?
The eBook file usually in .pdf format is included in each of the product, ready made web site made for selling the eBook product may also included. Additional files such as graphic material, psd files, blog themes, eBook cover action, original eBook cover editable file, keywords for advertisement purposes, PLR articles for promotional purposes and etc may also included.

We recommend you to download a product sample from the features page to find out more what are included in each of the product.

What type of right do I have in using the products?
All eBooks are included with legal full resell right license, each eBook is included with different resell right license such as, common resell right license, master resell right license and private label right license.

How long do I have access to the products once I ordered?
Once you ordered, you will have access to all the products for a period of two month. During that period, you can download all the products to your hard drive. However, if during that period you’re unable to finish downloading all the products, you can always request for more extension by emailing us. Requesting for extension does not incur any additional charges.

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